Our Story

MCB Institute of Finance (MCB IF), a company positioning itself as both a generic curator with a marquee line of specialisation in banking and finance, was launched in March 2019, with Jean-Michel Félix, MCB IF director and CEO of MCB Consulting, as its brain father, and supported by both the MCB Group and Uniciti Education Hub, education arm of theMedine Group.


MCB, which has extensive experience in banking, finance and consulting, relies on its 180 + years of existence to gauge difficulties and needs regarding skills acquisition in those sectors. On the other hand, Uniciti Education Hub is a household name with a strong repute in the education field, particularly higher and executive education. This unique positioning makes MCB IF a first-class centre of attraction for financial professionals who want to broaden the horizons of their knowledge.

MCB If offers an interesting combination of in-class and on-line courses through carefully selected partners such as Emeritus Institute of Management, Corporate Finance Institute, Université Paris II Panthéon Assas.

Another crucial aspect behind MCB IF’s inception is to make a telling contribution to the education sector, not just in Mauritius but in Africa as well. MCB IF is not only open to the financial professionals in Mauritius, but also those in the region and throughout Africa. Through MCB IF, we firmly intend to reinforce the position of Mauritius as a financial sector of excellence, which can nurture talented professionals, provide new impetus to the local and regional financial landscape, create new job opportunities and boost people’s careers. MCB IF is resolutely positioned as an educational platform with an international reach and all at very affordable prices.

Mission & Vision

Our Core Values


Employability. New Opportunities. Your professional success is our main key performance indicator. Our guidance is valuable only if it boosts your career.

Disruptive Innovation

In our fast-changing sector, only those who are agile and innovative enough will survive. We want you to be part of tomorrow’s finance. Together we will rethink our business.


Value creation only makes sense if it is shared. The search of common good is at the heart of our approach. Our commitment to ethics and sharing is meant to be strong and meaningful.

Our Directors

Pierre Guy Noel

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Gilbert Gnany

Non-Executive Director

Jean-Michel Félix

Non-Executive Director

Dhiren Ponnusamy

Non-Executive Director

Marc Desmarais

Non-Executive Director