Cards and Payments I

Cards and Payments I provides a wide overview of the cards and business payment models and the complete lifecycle of all types of payments cards: credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, corporate cards, and mobile payments. The learning objective of this course is to acquire essential knowledge of all aspects and functions of a cards and payments business. Once candidates have successfully completed this level of examination, they can use the designation ACP I after their name.


  1. Card Business
  2. Card Marketing and Sales
  3. IT and Systems
  4. Cards Operations
  5. Card Risk Management
  6. Support and Ancillary Services

Learning outcomes and gained competencies

Upon completion of this programme, candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the core parameters, features, services, processes, management best practices and metrics that form the crux of a cards business.
  • Seize the key drivers of growth and risk.
  • Grasp the decision areas of the cards business that define the operating environment.
  • Observe the unique features and concepts of Issuing and Acquiring in order to provide a comprehensive overview across the different aspects of the cards industry.
  • Learn about the key tools and techniques that can be applied practically in their work environment.

Candidates may pursue their learning pathway by taking the next level of the Certified Cards and Payments Professional (CCPP) curriculum. Cards and Payments II is the second level of the CCPP curriculum focusing on the competencies required to manage a profitable cards and payments business.

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