Cards and Payments II

Manage A Profitable Cards And Payments Business

Cards and Payments II teaches the full competencies required to manage a profitable and sustainable cards and payments business end-to-end. Candidates learn how to manage the features and components of service delivery in the entire card lifecycle – from best practices in sales and marketing strategies, operations and servicing infrastructure, fraud and data security – to risk management.  The learning objective is this course is to develop the essential multi-disciplinary competencies and expertise to manage a profitable cards and payments business. Once candidates have successfully completed this level of examination, they can use the designation ACP II after their name. 


  1. Product Management
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Issuing Operations and Systems
  4. Acquiring Operations and Systems
  5. Fraud
  6. Credit Risk

Learning Outcomes and gained competencies

Upon completion of this programme, candidates will be able to:

  • Launch and manage a profitable credit card, debit card, prepaid card and corporate card / purchasing card business;
  • Focus on the key areas of service delivery and features in the card life cycle.
  • Design and implement successful Sales and Marketing strategies that address disruptive and competitive challenges.
  • Build and manage a world class operations and servicing infrastructure which will enable the business to have a competitive edge and ensure delivery of services and products to the customer.
  • Identify the different types of fraud that exist and review fraud best practices that have proven effective for Issuers in reducing their fraud losses and optimising their revenue and profit generated from their cards portfolios.
  • Understand and manage all the systems and software/hardware across requirements of 24/7 functioning of all cards channels and current best practice in card technology, security and data protection.
  • Handle the lifecycle of credit card risk and apply the risk management best practices and metrics that need to be tracked and measured in the industry.

Candidates may pursue their learning pathway by taking the next level of the Certified Cards and Payments Professional (CCPP) curriculum. Cards and Payments III is the third and last level of the CCPP curriculum focusing on managing a cards business from a leadership position.

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