Cards and Payments III

Cards and Payments III is focussed on how to manage and run a cards business from a leadership position. The program encompasses such areas as successful strategies for setting up a robust infrastructure, learning how to prime for growth while effectively managing risk, and delivering best-in-class customer experience. The learning objective of this course is that candidates develop strategic leadership skills to build and sustain a profitable cards and payments business. Once candidates have successfully completed this level of examination, they earn the CCPP certification. 


  1. Advanced Product Development
  2. Advanced Marketing 
  3. Regulatory Environment
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Card Financial Management
  6. Advanced Payments 

Learning outcomes and gained competencies

Upon completion of this programme, candidates will be able to:

  • Develop strategies for product development, features and benefits that differentiate their cards and payments business.
  • Elaborate approaches to build successful partnerships and loyalty customer relationship management that can meet customer needs in a sustainable way.
  • Understand how to develop a solid infrastructure and operating flow to create a competitive and sustainable advantage.
  • Understand how regulatory developments impact growth and expansion rates in the cards and payments industry.
  • Enhance the customer experience using a holistic approach and an organizational orientation.
  • Analyse how product strategies and their related service strategies have a direct impact on financial outcomes over a time period (customer-product segmentation and the intended performance outcomes).

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