Certified Cards and Payments Professional

The Certified Cards and Payments Professional program provides the full span of best practices for building and managing a cards and payments business, from the essential business understanding to the advanced competencies required to lead a profitable and sustainable cards and payments business.

From this program, candidates will learn to:

  • Understand the core parameters, features, services, processes, management best practices and metrics of a cards business.
  • Distinguish the unique features and concepts of Issuing and Acquiring.
  • Launch a profitable credit card, debit card, prepaid card and corporate card business.
  • Manage the key areas of service delivery and features in the card life cycle.
  • Develop and apply effective Sales and Marketing strategies that address disruptive and competitive challenges.
  • Set up and manage a world-class operations and servicing infrastructure.
  • Identify the different types of fraud and review the proven effective fraud best practices in reducing fraud losses.
  • Apply risk management best practices. 
  • Track and measure the key industry metrics.
  • Develop strategies for product development, features and benefits to differentiate your cards and payments business.
  • Build strong and successful partnerships and customer relationship management strategies that can meet customer needs and create loyalty .
  • Analyze how product strategies and their related service strategies impact directly on financial outcomes over a time period.
  • Understand how regulatory developments affect growth and expansion rates in the cards and payments industry.

This program consists of 3 level courses and all 3 levels include exams. By completing the full program, candidates obtain the CCPP.

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