Certified Retail Banker

The Certified Retail Banker program teaches the span of international best practices in ethical, customer-centric retail banking from its essential ability, capacity and willingness to apply the multi-disciplinary competencies to the advanced business knowledge and evolving skills required of management and leadership to support the transformation in retail banking. The learning objective of this course is to gain a detailed understanding of how to deliver customer-centric solutions and outcomes that create customer lifetime value and drives retail bank profitability and sustainability.

From this program, candidates will learn to:

  • Determine the right approach to uphold ethical best practices that lead to continuous customer relationships.
  • Understand in details the end-to-end customer experience through customer-focus driven outcomes. 
  • Analyse and understand the financial needs of the bank’s customers’ life stages to build loyal and profitable customer relationships.
  • Support the business transformation in retail banking by acquiring essential and practical multi-disciplinary competencies.
  • Manage the coordination of roles in traditional silo functions and build high-performing, cross-functional, agile teams to strengthen a customer-centric culture and support a sustainable and profitable retail banking business.
  • Develop the capabilities required to lead retail banking strategic business units (SBUs) during periods of dynamic change.

This program consists of 3 levels and all 3 levels include exams. By completing the 3 levels, candidates obtain the CRB certification.

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