Professional Retail Banker (PRB)

This program focuses on the key areas of retail banking that impact customer experience and customer outcomes. It provides a consolidated understanding of the key functions of the retail bank that serve customer needs and how to create customer value. The learning objective of this program is to create profitable and sustainable customer relationships by understanding how a customer-centric retail bank works.


  1. Ethics
  2. Products and Channels
  3. Principles of Retail Banking
  4. Customer Service Quality
  5. Retail Banking Operations

Learning outcomes and gained competencies

  • Determine the proper ethical and moral behavior for retail bankers. 
  • Relate customers’ demand for banking products and services to the family life stages of wealth accumulation, wealth consolidation and wealth transfer. 
  • Assess how the omni-channel customer is influencing and shaping the delivery of retail banking services. 
  • Identify and understand the core economic functions of a retail bank and its core services. 
  • Identify and assess the core banking risks in credit risk, market risk and operational risk. 
  • Explain the importance of a customer-centric approach in retail banking by considering the role of a retail banker through the eyes of a customer. 
  • Identify the essential elements that promotes efficient operations and seize how to optimize bank processes.

Successful PRB Candidates may build on their fundamental knowledge by progressing onto the Certified Retail Banker (CRB) curriculum.

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