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Shaping tomorrow finance

Shaping tomorrow's finance

As part of one of the strongest financial institutions in the region, we understand the opportunities, as well as the challenges professionals in the financial sector face, in what is a complex, fast-paced and ever-evolving environment.

What if we could shape tomorrow’s finance?
It would start with a new generation of thinkers - no matter where they are or how old they are, as long as they are willing to see things from a fresh perspective, as long as they have the thirst for life-long learning and the willingness to discuss new ideas. This generation exists right here, in Africa.

And because we are inspired by innovation through disruptive practices, we have chosen to partner with among the best institutions and organisations in their fields of expertise.

Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, the most reputable law school in France with 800+ years of history, and reputed partner of Uniciti Education Hub, has designed tailor-made courses in Banking and Finance to be offered exclusively on campus.

Emeritus, a Global Ivy institute provides management education programs in collaboration with top ranked business schools: MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School & Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Retail Banking Academy, an international training academy to offer certifications exclusively dedicated to best practice principles in retail banking.

Our Courses

Portfolio Choice

21 – 24 May 2019

Interested in creating your own investment portfolio or provide investment advices? This course will provide students with the mathematical analysis tools used in market finance to understand how to balance those different kind of assets when building a portfolio according to securities characteristics.

* MQA Approved

The Digital Strategies for Business course is offered by MCB Institute of Finance in partnership with Emeritus, which has created this course in collaboration with Columbia Business School. This course focuses on how managers can develop new strategies and business models to enable their organisation to thrive in the digital age. Case studies will feature both digital trailblazers as well as traditional enterprises that are adapting to the digital age.

Digital strategies for Business
Innovation of products & services

The Innovation of Products and Services is offered by MCB Institute of Finance in partnership with Emeritus, which has created this course in collaboration with MIT Management. This course focuses on the culture of design thinking – integrating the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. Professional students will learn a similar approach — blending the perspectives of marketing, design overview, and engineering into a systematic approach to delivering innovation.


The Personal Leadership and Success course is offered by MCB Institute of Finance in partnership with Emeritus, which has created this course in collaboration with the Tuck School of Business. Coached by Marshall Goldsmith, the number one executive coach in the world, this interactive course steps participants through key tools and methods that Marshall uses with top leaders.

Personal Leadership and Success
Certified Retail Banker

Retail Banking Academy trains Certified Retail Bankers with the objective of enabling them to play a leading role in the development and professionalisation of consumer-oriented retail banking across the world. The programme allows for practical implementation, with the aim of achieving real improvement at an operational level as well as of profitable growth. The programme encompasses three core modules: Retail Banking I, Retail Banking II and Retail Banking III.

Retail Banking Academy

The Wealth Management Certification Programme delivered by the Retail Banking Academy, focuses on the requisite competencies and expertise for delivering wealth management services to high-net-worth-individuals, families or businesses. The programme defines and positions wealth management services following a principles-based approach which treats the customer with professional integrity. Three core modules; Business Ethics and Compliance, Relationship Management and Wealth Management outline the programme.

Retail Banking Academy
Certified Wealth Practitioner

Upcoming Courses
On campus

Experiment the best of both worlds between theory and practice. Université Paris II Pantheon-Assas entrusts its most eminent professors and practitioners to deliver elite education and share their expertise.
Take a glimpse at the upcoming on-campus short courses by Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas.

Bonds and Interest Rates

Bonds and Interest Rates

27 – 30 May 2019

This course will focus on interest rates where candidates and professionals will learn to make a distinction between nominal and real interest rates or fixed and variable ones.

Money and Banking

Money and Banking

17 – 20 June 2019

In this course, students will be able to understand the role and characteristics of the banking industry, the environment in which the banks operate and the role and the impact of money in the economic system.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

24 – 27 June 2019

This course is an introduction to the principles of corporate finance and major topics include financial statement analysis, time value of money, risk and return and corporate decision making.

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