Moody’s Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better, faster decisions.

We are known for our industry-leading and award-winning solutions, made up of research, data, software, and professional services, assembled to deliver a seamless customer experience. Moody’s Analytics offers a wide range of immersive training programs for retail and commercial bankers. Our deep risk expertise, expansive resources and innovative application of technology help you confidently navigate an evolving marketplace. We create confidence in thousands of organizations worldwide with our commitment to excellence, open mindset approach and focus on meeting customer needs.


Certified Branch Manager

Customer-Centric Branch Management in Support Of Retail Bank Transformation

Certified Cards and Payments Professional

Build, Manage and Lead A Profitable Cards And Payments Business Primed For Sustainable Growth

Certified Retail Banker

Build a Sustainable, Profitable And Customer-Centric Retail Banking Business

Certified Wealth Practitioner

This Wealth Management Certification Programme focuses on teaching the essential understanding and competencies for providing wealth management services

Cards and Payments I

Essential Acumen for The Cards And Payments Professional

Cards and Payments II

Manage A Profitable Cards And Payments Business

Cards and Payments III

Lead and Sustain A Profitable Cards And Payments Business

Professional Retail Banker (PRB)

Create Profitable and Sustainable Customer Relationships

Retail Banking I

Business acumen and Practical Skills to Deliver Customer Value

Retail Banking II

Build sustainable, Profitable and Customer-Centric Teams

Retail Banking III

Transformational Leadership in Retail Banking

Accelerated Certified Retail Banker

More experienced Retail Bankers have the opportunity to fast-track their certification.

Execution Leadership Masterclass

The Execution Leadership Masterclass is a 2-day interactive workshop which will bring to leaders the necessary tools they need to adapt their leadership style.


Our Client Reviews

We only partner with institutions which deliver best-in-class learning solutions which allow our participants to get to the next level. Proven and tested, they share their experiences with us …

“The course was well structured and very beneficial to staff working in a bank. I believe this course can be a starting point to all new recruits of the bank.”

Joanna Nelson
Centralised Operation Manager | MCB Ltd

This course has been very educative and brought me the knowledge on Leadership 4.0. It was interactive as we had both theory and practical sessions. I encourage people to follow the Execution Leadership Masterclass”

Kamila Vithilingum
Manager Secretarial | IQEQ Global Business (Mauritius) Ltd

“In general I have enjoyed the course which is very work-related, boosting my job and problem solving skills. You get a full explanation of Banking in general through this course and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of a career in banking”

Lilianne Vicky Damou
Ag.Operations Supervisor | Seychelles Commercial Bank

” This course is a ‘must’ for all those aspiring ‘Bankers’ “

Frederic Rancier
Relationship Manager | BCP Bank Mauritius

“The course provided me the tools to make a complete self-assessment essential to face all the challenges that we think as leaders we control but which actually evolve too quickly. This course provided me the guidance I needed” – Execution Leadership Masterclass

Denis Ithier
Director General, La Sentinelle Ltee

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