Course Overview

“Finance Fundamentals: Guiding Non-Financiers to Success,” is a comprehensive course designed to empower individuals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricate world of finance without a formal finance background. In today’s dynamic business environment, financial literacy is a key asset for professionals across various disciplines. Whether you’re a manager, entrepreneur, or team member from a non-financial department, this course will demystify financial concepts, providing you with a solid foundation to make informed decisions, contribute meaningfully to financial discussions, and ultimately enhance your overall business acumen. Over the course of engaging modules, you will delve into financial statements, budgeting, investment decisions, risk management, and more, with practical applications and real-world case studies to ensure that the learning experience is not only educational but immediately applicable to your professional life. Join us on this journey to unlock the language of finance and bolster your confidence in the financial aspects of business.

Learning Objectives

  • Practical Financial Acumen: Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills in financial management, enabling them to understand financial statements, interpret key financial metrics, and apply financial principles to real-world business scenarios.
  • Confidence in Decision-Making: The course empowers non-finance professionals to make informed and confident decisions by providing a solid foundation in financial concepts. This newfound confidence extends to budgeting, forecasting, and capital allocation decisions, contributing to overall business success.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Attendees will develop the ability to communicate effectively with finance professionals and other stakeholders. This fosters cross-functional collaboration, breaking down silos and ensuring a more integrated, and holistic approach to organisational decision-making.
  • Risk Management Expertise: The course addresses risk identification, assessment, and management, equipping participants with the skills to navigate uncertainties. This knowledge is crucial for making strategic decisions that consider and mitigate potential risks, safeguarding the organization’s financial health.
  • Personal Financial Empowerment: Beyond professional applications, participants will gain insights into personal financial planning. This includes budgeting, investing, and debt management, providing valuable tools for personal financial empowerment and long-term financial well-being.

Who Should Attend:

The course can be tailored to accommodate participants with varying levels of expertise and diverse job functions, providing a customized and inclusive learning experience for all. This would include:

Managers and Team Leaders: Individuals responsible for team performance and budget oversight.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Those leading their own ventures who need a comprehensive understanding of financial management.

Non-Finance Departments: Professionals from marketing, human resources, operations, and other non-finance areas who want to enhance their financial literacy.

Cross-Functional Teams: Teams requiring collaboration between finance and other departments, fostering a shared understanding of financial principles.

How to Enrol to this Workshop?

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About the Facilitator

Shaktee Ramtohul

Shaktee Ramtohul is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in Banking, Finance, Consultancy, and Higher Education. With a career spanning several key sectors, he has demonstrated his expertise and passion for the financial industry, complemented by his commitment to education and continuous learning.

Starting his career as a Corporate Assistant at Barclays Bank Plc Mauritius, Shaktee quickly advanced to the role of Corporate Relationship Manager at Banque Des Mascareignes Ltee and later at The Mauritius Post & Cooperative Bank Ltd. During this time, he honed his skills in corporate finance and developed a strong foundation in the banking sector.

In 2012, Shaktee transitioned to the role of a Business Consultant, specialising in Accounting and Tax, showcasing his versatility in the financial consultancy domain. His passion for economic and financial matters brings him to actively participate in radio discussions and interventions, providing insights into the local economic landscape. He also regularly contributes to various articles in both local press and international platforms such as Bloomberg Finance. Additionally, he established a notable presence on YouTube with a channel dedicated to Business, Finance, Banking, and Entrepreneurship.

On top of his consultancy work, Shaktee is a part-time Lecturer in Accounting, Finance and Business Management at several Business Schools and Universities in Mauritius for 10 years now.

Shaktee is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA); a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education from Middlesex University.

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