Launched in 2014, MCB Consulting, consulting arm of the MCB Group, is an international management consulting company headquartered in Mauritius, having delivered over the past 8 years, 620+ assignments to 90+ clients in 42 countries across 5 continents, enabling them to achieve their innovation and business development goals.

Its key areas of focus include the provision of advisory services – which range from strategic planning and execution to risk management – business process reviews and organisation reviews, assistance in the selection, implementation and maintenance of Information Technology solutions as well as the delivery of training services.

MCBC’ scope of intervention is multi-fold, focusing primarily on ensuring that the three pillars of an organisation – people, process and technology – are in-tune, thus supporting the overall business strategy. Hence, leveraging its very agile and multicultural team, MCB Consulting draws upon proven frontline expertise and experience to bring successful solutions and accompany clients all the way through the transformation process and beyond.  This proven expertise has led the company into signing strategic partnerships with major international solution providers with a unique differentiating factor: we only represent and sell what we use.

MCB Consulting is an accredited partner and training partner of Temenos. For its commitment to the Temenos community as well as its service to its clients globally, MCB Consulting has recently been recognized as Temenos’ Regional Delivery Partner of the Year 2021 after its recognition back in 2019 as ‘MEA Best Project Delivery Partner’ and ‘MEA Best Sales Partner of the Year’.


Our Client Reviews

We only partner with institutions which deliver best-in-class learning solutions which allow our participants to get to the next level. Proven and tested, they share their experiences with us …

You want to be at your absolute best and to be the version 2.0, this is your go-to-training. Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

Yoshinee Parasuraman
Head of Compliance - Absa Bank (Mauritius) Ltd

The Masterclass is mind blowing and an eye opener on leadership skills and tools to achieve results.

Dominique Autrey
Chief Operations Manager , Caudan Development Ltd

The Execution Leadership Masterclass was clear-cut. Any projects that today’s leader needs for the long haul.

Dabee Gowtamsing
Director, Compagnie Financiere Mont Blanc

“I was a bit scared at the very start… As the course was progressing, I was more confident as the lecturers were using simple terms to explain the course concepts – this contributed in optimising my thinking process. This programme on Strategy has allowed me to also learn new concepts – for example how to capture weak signals and apply the methodology to create Box 3 experiments.”

Clint Albert
Head of Business Development, Corporate Banking | MauBank

“The course was well structured and very beneficial to staff working in a bank. I believe this course can be a starting point to all new recruits of the bank.”

Joanna Nelson
Centralised Operation Manager | MCB Ltd

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