This course has been designed for the upskilling of employees with working experience in managing teams and projects. This course will also allow them to be accountable for what they do in their day to day activities thus providing an excellent customer service experience internally and externally with a sense of purpose.

What’s in it for you?

The course will look at seven essential areas i.e.:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Effective Problem Resolution
  3. Effective Activity-Task Management
  4. Effective Effort Management
  5. Getting It First Time Right
  6. Conflict Resolution
  7. Effective Negotiation

With a mix of theoretical, social and experiential tools, participants will be able to properly assimilate the seven essential areas mentioned above

Topics that will be covered:

Day 1

  • Industry Trends & 2025 Tipping Point
  • i5.0 Digital Business Model, Services and Sustainable Growth (The Next Wave of Service Fulfilment Disruptors)
  • Total Customer Experience 5.0
  • Outcome-based Execution Framework Initiating & Planning (Strategic Planning/ Effective Problem Resolution)
  • Outcome-based Execution Framework Initiating & Planning (Effective Activity/ Task Management/ Effective Effort Management))
  • Mindset 5.0 & Digital Employee (Crossing the Rubicon)

Day 2

  • Morning Reflection
  • Business Consulting Mindset (Innovation)
  • Business Consulting Mindset (Improvement – Excellence)
  • Business Consulting Mindset (Sustainability)
  • Outcome-based Execution Framework Monitoring/Controlling & Closing (Conflict Resolution)
  • Collaborative Leadership 5.0 (Agility thriving in Uncertainty)

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to Initiate, Plan & Monitor a Task
  • Manage the balance between Execution & Monitoring
  • Conduct 80/20 Outcome-based Action Prioritization
  • Sign off on clearly defined objectives
  • Develop boundary management
  • Manage Outcome-based Problem Resolution
  • Understand the critical path items impacting timely delivery
  • Acquire efficiency & effectiveness in task timeline management
  • Develop focus in managing and organising time
  • Assign accurate and realistic work estimation
  • Embrace monitoring of EVM (earned value management)
  • Develop pre-emptive effort controlling
  • Ensure first-time quality of work
  • Develop comprehensive quality of review
  • Enforce and propagate lessons learnt
  • Monitor and review progress against deadlines/milestones
  • Conduct Effective Outcome-based PPP DSMs
  • Report accurate performance

Target Audience

Team Leaders, Managers, Senior Managers and professionals with more than 5 years working experience and less than 10 years.

Course Fees

Fees are at Rs 50 000 per participant and include:
(Note that this course is already MQA Approved)

  • All inclusive conference package for 2 days
  • Meals and beverages during breaks

How to Enrol in the Open Session?

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Customised Workshop

The Workshop can be designed as per your business needs and requirements and be held in-house or at a selected venue.

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Meet your Facilitator

Chee-Peng TAN, Leadership 5.0 Strategic Services Consultant

Chee Peng TAN is a PPM Consultant focusing on Leadership & Management capacity building, developing process maturity & internalizing best practices in order to make things happen. He has more than 37 years of consulting experience in helping organizations to achieve high performance through strategy-people-process-technology alignment & outcome-based implementation.

A former Managing Partner of DCDM Consulting, the consulting arm of De Chazal Du Mee, which represented Andersen Worldwide, SC in Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda, is a First Class Honours holder in Computing Science from the Imperial College of Science & Technology, UK. An Andersen Consulting trained consultant and an ASEAN scholar, Chee Peng has spearheaded many strategic, business-transforming initiatives in the Financial Services industry. He was also a former Vice President in-charge of technology in Citibank, N.A., Singapore. Among Chee Peng’s unique recent experience are:

Strategic planning for the Mauritius Housing Company Ltd (MHC), developing the Strategic IT Plan and implementing key IT initiatives namely Levy and Grant systems, Financial Management System, Human Resource Management System, Procurement and supply system, customer care system & PMIS.

Strategic planning for the largest bank in Mauritius. The Bank had very strategic initiatives and would like to formulate an IT Implementation Plan that will synergise a re-engineered process environment with the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure supported by a dynamic change management and information security management plan. Assisted the Bank in the review, design, formalisation & implementation of the Plan.

Strategic planning for one of the largest banks in South Korea. He was the lead consultant in the review and strategic formulation of the Implementation Action Plan.

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